Q?Where is The Lead Company based?

The Lead Company is based in Melbourne, Australia, with all of our employees working out of our Melbourne office.

Q?What industries does The Lead Company work in?

The Lead Company’s experience lies within the communications, sales and the customer service industry. If your business offers a service to multiple customers, we can help you with lead generation, appointment setting and customer feedback.

Q?What type of lead generation does The Lead Company do?

The Lead Company uses highly trained and professional Australian communication specialists to reach potential clients to market your business’ services from our Melbourne based office.

Q?Who will you contact when generating leads?

The Lead Company will work closely with you to confirm your ideal target market and the prospective clients that you want. Based on  your feedback, we will then generate prospect lists to contact on your behalf.

Q?How does the appointment setting work?

Essentially, The Lead Company make appointments with your prospect lists. This means you’re only in meetings with qualified prospects, saving you time and resources. To learn more about our appointment setting, check out our Appointment Setting page under Services.

Q?How does the Feedback Loop work?

The Lead Company has strong expertise in getting valuable feedback for your business. You can then use this to identify what you are doing well and where you can improve. If requested the calls can be anonymous, and we present ourselves as a third party to get you the full story. The benefits include information to improve your services, improved customer relations and potentially get new referrals. Data can be viewed and reported at any time by logging onto your person online portal. For more information on how The Lead Company executes their Feedback Loop check out The Feedback Loop page under Services.

Q?Is the phone script custom built for our business?

Knowing what to ask and how to ask it is critical in getting effective surveys and honest feedback from customers. Our team will work with you to define our script, using years of experience in communication to ensure you get the information you need while enhancing your customers overall experience.

Q?How is the data stored?

All the data you have input, and the data we have obtained regarding our feedback, is stored safely and securely on trusted Australian servers ensuring client privacy, with regular backups protecting all your data and progress.

Q?How will you report back on the progress of the services and how often?

Most of our packages include a monthly reporting schedule. At the end of your monthly schedule we will send you a pdf report directly to your specified email address, so there will be no need for calendar reminders to check your data. 

Q?Is there a fee for the reports?

No. Reporting is available in all packages that The Lead Company offers.

Q?What are the fees associated with the services?

Most of our services at The Lead Company have individual pricing, which can be found on the designated pages.

Q?Am I locked into your services longterm?

No. There are no longterm commitments. You can opt out of our services at any point before any monthly period. You will still have access to the reports generated through your portal for 30 days.

Q?How do I know if this will suit my business, is there a trial period or guarantee?

The services The Lead Company offer are not for every business. It takes courage to get honest feedback from your customers. It takes even greater courage to decide that listening to customer feedback is a commitment you’re going to make. There are no trial periods offered with our services, but as we mentioned you can opt out at any time.

The reasons to implement our services are clear:

• Discover what you’re doing well and where you can improve

• Gain real testimonials for marketing collateral

• Create new opportunities and referrals

• Valuable data in a reporting system that you can use

• More time to dedicate to other areas of the business

• An addition to your customer experience (people will know you care)

Q?Who do I contact for information regarding The Lead Company’s services?

If you want to give your business the edge today, then call our friendly sales team on 03 8819 3371, or visit our contact page, fill out the online form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.